There are 51241 individuals and 23982 families representing 10732 surnames in this database.


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Places and Patronymics

Patronymics and places

My genealogical research
Owner of the base To write to me :Thibault Dillenschneider France

Thanks : Town hall of Dabo, Gabriel Dillenschneider, John Cheek, Patrick Kevin Harding, Steve Schneider...


ALL the genealogical information that I have are here, so please do not ask me for more information

To respect the French law, i have (except error or unless special permission) removed all the persons alive of my genealogy.

The names or surnames where there is just N, NE or NN means that I don't know (N for Men, NE for Women, NN for unknown sex)

I have (except error) removed the accents of names so that it displays correctly everywhere.

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